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A Chocolate Moose For Dinner

A Chocolate Moose for Dinner (Stories to Go!) - Fred Gwynne

Grade: 4th


This book is full of homophones, figurative language, and idioms. The pictures will be sure to make kids giggle. I love everything about this book. It plays on the misconceptions that children have that do not understand figurative language.  After reading this story aloud to the class, we will discuss these parts of speech. The students and teacher will provide multiple examples of homophones, such as ate/eight, bear/bare, cent/scent/sent/, deer/dear, pair/pear, etc. The class will then be prompted to provide examples of idioms such as waking up on the wrong side of the bed, time flying, raining cats and dogs, having a green thumb, etc. These examples will be written on the board. The class will talk about how words can be confusing because they sound the same but mean different things. After the discussion, the students will come up with their own idiom or homophone. Then, they will draw what they think it looks like just as Fred Gwynne did in A Chocolate Moose For Dinner.