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Oil Spill!

Melvin Berger: Oil Spill! (Paperback); 1994 Edition - Paul Mirocha Melvin Berger

Grade: 1st


This is a great book to educate children on the effects of natural disasters. The animals in the book give children a visual of what happens to them when natural disasters such as oil spills occur. While this book may be difficult to understand, it is a great introduction to a science lesson. The teacher will read the book Oil Spill! By Melvin Berger and explain to students that oil spills are an environmental hazard, and that oil spills hurt animals, because they destroy their homes. The teacher will then have a container of clean water and explain that it is like the ocean. Olive oil will be squirted in the water, and the teacher will ask how to get the olive oil out. Students will discover it cannot be scooped out of the container, just like it cannot be taken out of the ocean. Next, feathers will be dipped into the olive oil water to illustrate the effect it has on animals. Student will see that oil spills hurt animals. Lastly, students will discuss how to prevent oil spills.