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Wimberly Worried

Wemberly Worried - Kevin Henkes

Grade: 1st


After reading this story, the class with make a venn diagram discussing things that Wimberly worries about, things that the class worries about, and the things that Wimberly and the class both worry about. We will talk about coping skills to deal with worrying and that everyone worries. We will learn that it is natural for people to worry. Furthermore, students will see that their classmates are concerned about some of the same things they are. Most importantly, they will learn coping skills to deal with their worry. Afterwards, they will make their own Wimberly. They will fill out a piece of paper that states, "Wimberly worried about __________," and choose one thing to write. Underneath, they'll write, "I worry about ____________." Lastly, they will write, "Next time I worry about ___________ I will ________________," and write a coping skill they learned.