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Frindle - Andrew Clements, Brian Selznick

Grade: 5th


I love Andrew Clements and Frindle! This is a story about how a boy makes up a new word for pen. I will do a novel study with this book in my class. This is a great book to get students creativeness flowing. We will intertwine this lesson with how to use a dictionary. Throughout the story, we will do different activities. For one, they will make up a new word for an object just as the boy in the story did. They will create a dictionary entry for their word. They will include things such as the old word, the new word, a picture of the word, how to pronounce the word, the part of speech, other forms of the word, the definition, synonyms, and an example of the word in a sentence. They will also create an advertisement to sell their newly named product. They will also write a newspaper article about how their new word has been a huge hit worldwide. They will include why they chose the word, what the word means, and what the success of the word being put in the dictionary means for them.