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Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy - Jane O'Connor, Robin Preiss Glasser

Grade: 2nd


This book is a great way to introduce "fancy" ways of saying words. Fancy Nancy is indeed fancy, and so is her vocabulary. What I love about this book is the way Jane O'Connor explains what the fancy words Nancy uses are. For example, Nancy will say a word and say, "That's a fancy way of saying _________." It makes learning new words fun, and children love how funny Nancy is. I will have an anchor chart with Fancy Nancy on it. As we read the story, we will write down the fancy words she says with the definition under it on a sticky note. These will be stuck on the anchor chart. After the story, students will give their own fancy words and definitions. We will discuss that fancy words make reading more fun and interesting. We will go back into the text and replace the fancy words with words that aren't fancy words to prove fancy words make stories more interesting. This is also how I will introduce students to the word wall in my classroom. Instead of having a "Word Wall", I will have a wall of "Our Fancy Words" with none other than Nancy being displayed beside it. So every time a student comes to a fancy word, they can add it to the fancy word list.