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The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend - Dan Santat

Grade: 3rd


This book is about an imaginary friend that needs an owner. We will read this book aloud as a class. Afterwards, students will be given a graphic organizer with "What", "Who", "Where", "When", and "Why". The class will pretend that they have an imaginary friend out there somewhere looking for them and waiting for them to think him/her up. So student will let their imaginary friend find them that day and adopt them as their best friend. They will answer what their imaginary friend is and what he/she looks like, who their imaginary friend is and his/her name, where he/she lived before the found them, when they found him/her, and why did they find him/her (what events led up to them finding their friend.) They will make this into a story. In order to form their story, they will have a piece of paper that  they must draw Beekle and describe him, and draw their imaginary friend and describe him/her using their graphic organizer. Lastly, they will complete a final draft and do a final illustration of their friend. They will also make their own Beekle using shaving cream and glue.