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Just Going to the Dentist

Just Going to the Dentist (Little Critter) - Mercer Mayer

Grade: Kindergarten


This book explains what happens when you visit a dentist office. It goes through the process of visiting the dentist, shows children what the dentist looks like, and shows children what dentists do when you visit. This is a great way to open a lesson on dental hygiene. I love the idea of reading this book to ease children's fears of going to the dentist if they've never been. After reading the story, the class will then discuss it  and answer any questions they may have about the dentist. We will also talk about why dental hygiene is important and why we should brush our teeth.  After the discussion, each student will be given a piece of a ceramic tile and have mustard squirted onto the tile. The next day, students will visit the tile again to see what it looks like. The teacher will explain that this is what happens to our teeth when we do not brush our teeth at night and food sits on them all night. Students will then be given a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush their “tooth” to see what it looks like when they brush their teeth.